DMC Founder, Professor John Fraser, a LSQ GENE Awards winner!

Friday 18 November, 2022

Congratulations to our Company Founder, Professor John Fraser, who on Friday November 18, 2022, was the recipient of the Life Sciences Queensland (LSQ) McCullough Robertson Industry Excellence Award. This award is presented to an individual that has made a significant impact to the success of the QLD life sciences industry.

This award reflects John’s overall contribution to Life Sciences, both in Queensland and globally. John was recognised as the co-founder of the COVID-19 Critical Care Consortium that facilitated collection of over thirty-five million data points from ICU units worldwide and the development of treatment pathways.

The judges also noted John’s work as Founder of the Critical Care Research Group and the establishment of DMC. Through his clinical work as an intensivist, John identified a need to get life-saving drugs into patients faster when they are experiencing life-threatening conditions, hence the establishment of DMC.