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Eamonn O’Sullivan

BEng, ME(Mgmt)

NPI Manager

Eamonn O'Sullivan

Eamonn is an Irish engineer who holds bachelor’s degrees in Software and Electronic Engineering, and a master’s degree in Engineering Management/Industrial Engineering. He joins DMC with 15 years of industry experience in design, development and manufacturing.  

Eamonn began his career working for FEI as a Service Engineer/Site Manager, and shortly after as a Systems Engineer designing and developing high end automated scanning electron microscopes for FEI (now Thermo Fisher Scientific). After 7 years working with FEI in various countries, he moved back to Ireland to work with Nypro Healthcare (now Jabil Healthcare) as a Business Unit Manager running a team in the European design and development centre. Jabil Healthcare are the largest medical device contract manufacturer in the world with over 120 manufacturing sites globally.  

During Eamonn’s 7 years at Jabil, he gained extensive exposure to the medical device industry. More specifically disposable diagnostic and drug delivery devices. While at Jabil, Eamonn also developed a rapid and novel industry 4.0 approach to automate quality inspection of plastic parts. 

Working as a contract manufacturer with Jabil Healthcare gave Eamonn extensive exposure to high volume automated manufacturing projects owned by the world leaders in the medical device industry. He has worked on projects with 12 of the top 20 medical device companies in the world helping them bring concept to reality and troubleshoot manufacturing issues on a range of products from auto-injectors, insulin injection pens, patch pumps, covid test kits, surgical equipment, implantable prosthesis joints and most prominently inhalers.

Eamonn moved from Ireland to Brisbane with his family where he continued to work in the medical device industry supporting Ellume (medical device start-up) ramp up and stabilise production of their home covid test kits sold in the US market.